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Dan and Monika Carlin , proud owners & operators of Invigorated Water.

We’ve always been conscious of our health & wellbeing, and the health and wellbeing of others, and our environment. These core values have guided, and inspired, the businesses we have created and built.

We believe clean water is the foundation and core to health, and life itself. But not all water is created equal.

We started Invigorated Water way back in 2014, when searching for an alkaline water filter for our home.

We wanted a water filter that delivered high alkaline water, looked great, and was affordable, but struggled to find a filter that ticked all the boxes. So why not create our own

alkaline filters increase water alkalinity up to pH 10

alkaline filter Adds healthy minerals to water

pH RECHARGE Glass is a large capacity water filter dispenser which easily supplies enough water for large families or groups , and requires no technical installation, click below to see all.

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